January 11 2017 0comment

6 Environmentally Friendly New Year’s Resolutions to Start in 2017

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is thinking about making resolutions for the new year. However, many people forget that Mother Nature needs some resolutions as well! Here are some quick and easy environmental resolutions to make for the new year.

1. Get the entire family involved
Make recycling fun and get the entire family involved with proper trash removal. On the night before collection, have everyone go through the house, grab up garbage and items that can be recycled, and have a sorting competition. You can even give out prizes for those who sort glass, plastic, and paper the fastest!

2. Out with the old and in with the new
Chances are you have probably acquired a bunch of new items this holiday season. But, remember, in your new excitement don’t throw away your old electronics and knickknacks as they can be reused. When you’re finding places to put your new presents, go through your home and donate any lightly used items at a local charity shop.

3. Christmas morning recycling lessons
Opening gifts can lead to a sea of wrapping paper, tissue, and cardboard boxes, and most families make sure to collect all of this scrap paper for the recycling bin. Even though it is easy to crumple everything up into some garbage bags, make sure to recycle those boxes! Of course, these Christmas morning recycling practices tend to go out the window come the new year. Throughout 2017 make sure you take the time to recycle scrap paper and cardboard. In fact, recycling one ton of cardboard will save more than nine cubic yards of landfill space.

4. BYO..C?
If you’re headed to a party where you know you’re going to walk away with leftovers, bring your own container! Just think of all the plastic wrap, plastic bags, and Styrofoam containers that can be saved by bringing Tupperware.

5. Ditch the paper
Get rid of paper napkins and towels in your home and replace them with microfiber cloths. Not only will this save you money every week in groceries, but the endless pounds upon pounds of paper won’t end up in landfills until the end of time. Even better, cloth napkins look more sophisticated than paper towels and napkins.

6. Cut down on excess mail
If you haven’t already, it’s time to take your billing paperless, end all subscriptions for magazines you don’t use, and choose email instead of paper letters whenever possible.

With these tips in mind, both your garbage and Mother Nature will thank you!