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7 Quick and Easy Recycling Hacks Any Homeowner Should Know

The average American will throw away about 600 times the amount of his or her adult weight in garbage during the course of their lifetime. Unfortunately, a significant amount of this waste can be recycled, but not many choose to take the time and follow the right recycling practices.

To prevent all that trash from piling up in landfills (or worse, the oceans), here are some recycling tips and tricks to help you focus more on the recycling bins than the trash cans.

1. Reuse plastic bags
Always carry a reusable bag when you go shopping, and if you absolutely must use a plastic bag, then save it for another use.

2. Rechargeable batteries
It takes a long time for batteries to break down, but when they do they emit toxic chemicals that are horrible for the environment. Plus, rechargeable batteries will save you money in the long run.

3. Start a compost bin
Instead of buying expensive fertilizer, why don’t you just make your own? Keep a compost in your house or start one at the office. You’ll soon have a nutrient-rich soil that is fantastic for planting. You can put anything biodegradable in the compost: eggshells, bread crusts, vegetable peels, tea, coffee, paper napkins, and old oatmeal are all great examples.

4. Donate old clothes and linens
Chances are, your old clothes and linens are in great shape. Clothing can be donated to a charity and linens and blankets are always accepted at animal shelters.

5. Be as digital as possible
We live in a world filled with technology, so take advantage of the amazing technology at your fingertips. Instead of using paper products, utilize email, online calendars, online bill paying, and digital files whenever possible.

6. Keep bags on each level of your home so you can recycle on the go
Mostly anything that is made of plastic or paper can be recycled. Despite this, so many cosmetics, shampoo bottles, salad dressings, cereal boxes, and bottled water ends up in the trash simply because there isn’t a recycling bin handy. And once an item ends up in the trash, how often does it get removed and placed where it belongs? Almost never. To prevent this, keep bags on each level of your home for easy access.

7. Be creative
With a little creativity, you can turn those recyclables into home decor, gifts, and multiple other practical uses around the house. Before tossing something in the bin, think to yourself if it can be upcycled first.

With these tips in mind, Mother Nature will thank you!