February 09 2017 0comment

7 Surprising Items You Can Actually Recycle

We all know that recycling is incredibly important in any household’s waste management efforts. Not only does it cut down on waste and trash in our landfills, recycling is fantastic for the environment. We all do it, as over 87% of Americans have access to curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs. However, there are some myths concerning what you can and cannot recycle. In efforts of cutting down your garbage, here are seven surprising items you can actually toss into the recycling bin.

    1. Carpet
      There are plenty of carpet reclaim centers available to bring your old carpet to after you have done some home remodeling. These centers will even repurpose the carpet into reusable products to cut down on waste.
    1. CDs and DVDs
      Don’t throw these away when they are scratched and broken. They can easily be recycled and made into other products.
    1. Fluorescent Light Bulbs
      Many large home improvement stores have recycling programs specifically for these type of light bulbs, as they have many components that can be reused.
    1. Computers and other small electronics
      Never toss your computers when they break down, as there are so many little pieces that go into the fabrication of these items. Typically, you can contact any electronics store to take your old computer, laptop, or tablet so those components don’t go to waste! This also goes for handheld electronics and cell phones.
    1. Sports equipment
      Are you a yoga fan? Think twice before tossing your equipment in the garbage, as the foam and plastic in these can be repurposed. This goes for workout mats, yoga balls, handheld weights, and resistance bands.
    1. Toothbrushes
      Usually, we just toss toothbrushes in the trash after the three-month recommendation from our dentist. However, the plastic of the handle and the bristles can be reused in a variety of different ways, so put them in the recycling bin next time!
    1. Athletic shoes
      Many wearers don’t understand what exactly goes into the making of athletic shoes, but we can tell you they are chocked full of plastic, mesh, nylon, cotton, and metal. When taken apart, all of these items can be reused to make even more shoes!

With these tips in mind, make sure to think twice before you head to your garbage bin!