August 03 2017 0comment

Easy Tips and Tricks To Get Your Kids To Recycle

Consider this: the average person generates over four pounds of trash every single day. All that waste can add up quickly, and for the typical American family, the amount of garbage that piles up on a daily basis can seem overwhelming, the amount of garbage that piles up day after day.

However, recycling doesn’t have to be a chore for only the parents to do. Children are more than capable of learning proper recycling techniques, and it’s best to start while they’re young so they develop great habits from day one.

But how do you get your kid started in the world of waste management? We have compiled some easy tricks that will get the entire family recycling in no time.

  • Make recycling into a game
    The easiest way for children to get involved is by making it fun. You can easily do this by labeling and color coding recycling bins and letting your child explore the different materials in each (glass, paper, plastics, etc.). You can even make up a song about recycling to get everyone in the mood!
  • Create a routine
    It will be easier to stick to a habit, especially when kids are involved, if you create a routine. Try setting aside a certain time every day to recycle, then go through the home and collect everything. Having your kids look forward to something is the best way to ensure they recycle with all their might.
  • Start composting
    A compost bin couldn’t be easier and it serves as a great learning tool for your child on the importance of recycling their food waste. Plus, if you start out in the winter and use the compost as fertilizer in the spring, your child will be able to see first-hand how recycling can create something beautiful — like colorful flowers in your garden!.
  • Make it convenient
    You will want to keep the bins as close as possible so there won’t be a reason not to recycle. Puta bin in the kitchen next to the garbage can, a small bin in their room, one in the bathroom, and even one in the car. Remember, you want to make recycling second-nature. But making it as easy and as accessible, your kids won’t even have to think about it.

With these tips in mind, your children will be recycling in a snap! All you need is some patience, dedication, and creativity. Mother Nature will be sure to thank you.