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Re-purposing and Recycling: How Quick Household Swaps Can Save the Environment and Help Your Wallet

About $11.5 billion dollars every year is spent just on trash removal. To both decrease that price and save the environment at the same time, it is important that homeowners recycle as much as they can. Cut down on excess waste by using these nifty re-purposing hacks for everyday items around your home.

Apple cider vinegar as a fruit fly trap
It is no secret that fruit flies are annoying in your kitchen, especially during the warmer months. Not only that, but most fruit fly traps are sticky and gooey and just cause a big mess. Substitute the sticky paper for a cup full of apple cider vinegar and you will soon have a trap you can simply toss in the trash.

Uncooked spaghetti noodles instead of candles
Lighting a birthday cake with a bunch of candles can be a hassle when using a small candle as a lighter. Just light an uncooked noodle and you won’t have any problems lighting candles in tricky spots. This hack also works well as a campfire starter.

Newspaper as scent deodorizers
Newspaper is fantastic for all types of recycling, and in this case can save you money on expensive odor deodorizers and air fresheners. The trick is simple: if you have a few pairs of smelly shoes or food containers that hold on to strong odors even after they’re washed, crumple up some newspaper inside the container and leave it overnight. Before you know it, the scent will be gone.

Cardboard to prevent ice, frost, or snow buildup on your car
Place a piece of cardboard over your windshield before you head in for the night, and come the morning you will not have to spend time getting all that pesky ice off! Plus, recycling plants will still accept wet cardboard.

Salt as a bug repellent
Not only is bug repellent expensive, all those chemicals can be harsh when ingested. Go for a chemical free solution by placing salt wherever you see ants making themselves at home. You can also spray a saltwater solution around the outside of your foundation to stop the ants in their tracks.

Recycling doesn’t have to be hard. Simply use these quick tips and tricks to recycle common items around your home and you will have less waste to show for it!