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Remember: Never Throw These 3 Household Items in the Trash!

As a homeowner, your garbage tends to be collected at least once a week. The average person ends up creating over four pounds of trash every single day, so those garbage removal days are key to making sure that the trash is properly disposed of, our cities are clean, and our environment safe. Unfortunately, many people throw things in the trash that have no business being in a landfill.

Many people think that everything can be thrown into the trash for garbage removal day. However, there are some common household items you should never throw into the trash! Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Many people think that when a battery has used up the last of its life, it needs to be thrown into the garbage for waste removal. However, instead of throwing them in your bin before garbage removal day, take your old batteries to a disposal plant that accepts batteries. This is especially important for auto batteries, lithium ion batteries, and the batteries that power your larger electronic devices.

These batteries are made up of metals that can severely damage the ground if they are dumped at a trash plant. Even worse, those metals can make their way into groundwater supplies, poisoning your environment for decades to come. One thing you can do instead of having to worry about purchasing batteries and taking them to a disposal plant is buying rechargeable batteries whenever possible. This will help you save your time and the earth.

And old furniture that is still in somewhat decent condition should never be thrown into the trash. Instead, consider offering the furniture to people you know, donating them to thrift stores, or passing the pieces down to family members. Alternatively, sites like Craigslist have a “Free Stuff” section. If no one wants it, it is okay to leave your items out on the curb, away from the trash, to offer to anyone driving or passing by. If no one picks it up off of your curb, your garbage removal services will come by and properly dispose of your product. However, it’s better to make an attempt at recycling your items before tossing it to the curb.

Clothing and Other Textiles
Before you decide to toss some clothes that you no longer wear or want, think of someone else who may benefit from it. Yes, the garbage removal service will pick it up and dispose of it, but it’s better to offer it to a non-profit or a shelter that may find a better use for these old clothes. You can also donate your old towels, sheets, and blankets to your local animal shelter.

Plus, few people realize that you can actually recycle many common types of fabrics (no, that doesn’t mean you can put them in your residential recycling bin). Tons of fabrics are dumped into landfills every day, yet there are many recycling services that can help you properly recycle fabrics.

Before you throw something out, think of whether there’s a better, more sustainable option. Is there a purpose for the items other than sitting in the trash? If the answer is yes, consider the alternatives we’ve described here.