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Turn Your Recycling Into Pieces of Art With These DIY Crafts!

It is easy to say that recycling brings a lot of benefits both to your home and the environment. Not only does cleaning out your home get rid of unnecessary clutter, recycling saves the economy as well! In fact, on average, it costs about $30 per ton to recycle trash, whereas it costs $50 per ton to send it to a landfill.

But say you are in the mood to do something more with your waste than just chuck it into your recycling bins, what do you do? Look no further, here are some great DIY projects that will shine a new light over your old garbage.

A chandelier made from recycled mason jars

While festive, mason jars can take up a lot of space. You can put them to good use by making a chandelier or a light fixture out of the old jars, all you need are small light bulbs, some strong wire to hold the jars, and some creativity! You can paint the jars different colors, put in colored translucent paper for a colorful glow, or even have different sized light bulbs to give an interesting look to the fixture.

A clock made out of an old record

Do you have a few of your favorite songs on an old-school record but are not sure what to do with them? Put it on permanent display by making it into a clock! All you need is a simple clock battery and face, which can be bought at your local craft store, and a tiny bit of handiwork, easy-peasy.

Old hubcaps into lawn decorations

With some spray paint and a metal stand, you can go pretty far with making hubcaps into lawn decorations. They can be used as pinwheels, flower stands, to decorate a flower pot, or even to be made into stools. Just make sure you have rust free paint, and you’ll be good to go.

Old cans into bird feeders

Take the top and bottom off each side of the can, wrap the can in heavy duty string, wire, or rope, and you have yourself a cute little bird feeder. Remember to put a pull tab on the side of the feeder for the birds to stand on while they feast.

Who knew all your garbage had such potential? Try out these different crafts and see what you can come up with!